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Theodore S. Papatheodorou (1945-2012)

High Performance Computing Lab
Computer Engineering and Informatics Dept.
University of Patras
26 500 Patras,
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Prof. Theodore S. Papatheodorou passed away on 10/12/2012. You can share your condolences, sympathies and rememberance here.

Prof. T. S. Papatheodorou has held several academic and consolatory positions since 1969, in the U.S. and Greece. He has been the first Director of the Computer Technology Institute (CTI, 1985-1990) which he organised and where he led the Institute's R&D work. He has been a member of many international scientific committees and he has been awarded international distinctions for his work. He is the recipient of several large grants. He has been in charge of many completed and on-going projects in Scientific Computing, HPC (High Performance Computing), Telematics Applications, (especially on hypermedia and web based technologies), and Software Engineering. Most recent involvement include the Informatics Programme of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture (Hypermedia, network, CD-ROM for Acropolis, CD-ROM for Melina Merkouri, Distance Education in Culture, the Ulysses web server, ...), ESPRIT Virtual Hypermedia Factory (national coordinator and charge of various activities including technology assessment) and NANOS (multithreading, restructuring and parallelising compiler and applications). Currently he is the Director of the HPC Lab of the University of Patras and serves as the Technology Consultant to the Minister of Culture.

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