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The laboratory staff is comprised from a large group of people that are highly specialized and experienced in different fields, aiming at the better coverage of the laboratory needs. Specifically the laboratory team includes the following people.

Laboratory Director:
  Theodore S. Papatheodorou ✝,
University of Patras
  Eustratios Gallopoulos,
University of Patras
  E. D. Polychronopoulos ✝,
University of Patras
External Consultants:
  C. D. Polychronopoulos,
CSRD, University of Illinois
Senior Researchers - Doctoral Fellows:
  Dr. D. A. Koutsomitropoulos
  Dr. D. K. Tsolis
  Dr. S. P. Christodoulou
Advanced Researchers - Computer Engineers:
Postgraduate Students - Computer Engineers, MSc:
  N. Vasiliou
  A. Kazantzi
  A. Kandyli
  S. Karagiorgoudi
  K. Karantasis
  E. G. Karatzas
  A. Kassios
  G. K. Tsolis
Postgraduate Students - Computer Engineers:
  A. Athanitis
  M. Bardakis
  A. Gizas
  V. Dourdounis
  D. Zeimpekis
  P. Karatzas
  P. Lefteratos
  D. Meidanis
  G. Paloukis
  M. Pantelios
  P. Papadimitropoulos
  K. Petrakos
  P. Silintziris
  G. Solomou
  A. I. Terzoglou
  G. Tournabitis
  I. Psistakis
Graphic Designers:
  P. G. Kalampakas
Secretariat Support:
  F. Garidaki
  E. Michala
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